Is somali’s New passport Valid?

The new Somali passport known as e-passport is issued for Somali citizens. You can get the passport from the Somali embassy and consular in the world.

The passport has standard passport qualities but few questions were raised whether the passport is recognized internationally. though somali citizens can obtain entry visa to many countries, there is still doubt the validity of the passport.

The government has improved international relationship with different countries to make sure the passport is accepted.

The e-passport holders can request Visa al though most European countries still did not recognize the passport formally.

The passport is biometric passport, it replaced the old passport which was not electronically issued, The new passport is accompanied with national identity.

Many somali diaspora currently use the new  passport

somali passport

The somali new passport in display; This teh passport of the former president abdullahi yusuf ahmed.

Countries allowed for somali citizens carrying the e-passport (the new passport)

We shall summarize the nations that still did not recognize the passport, most african countries allow somali  citizens to travel with the new passport; In the wake of terrorist attacks and war in somalia The nation is still consider a danger place !

The following country did not recognize the passport

South Africa.


most Asia countries recognize the passport, i think there is no Visa denail case reported.

Latin merica

Few somali citizens live in latin america and travels to latin america is too uncommon, hopefully latin america recognize the passport


Predominant european countries will not allow travellers with somali passports to enter their country.

Eastern european countries accept the passport the countries include; hungry, ukraine, lithuania,latvia poland, romania, and slovakia.

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